Save on Back-to-School Lunches

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Save On Back-To-School Lunches

Did you know…Back-to-school lunches don’t always have to set your budget back as well?

Let’s start with the big money-drainers…the pre-packaged snacks. Sure, they’re convenient, but those chips, pretzels and nuts can be marked up by as much as 50%! Instead, buy snacks in bulk or family size, and split the goodies into your own re-usable snack and sandwich baggies for each meal.

Next, we have the little juice boxes, notorious for their big mark-ups. Bottled drinks can cost up to $ 2 a pop. So to keep your kids hydrated without squeezing your budget dry, ditch the drink packs and invest in a re-suable bottle. Not only will you recoup your initial cost in the first week, you can use low-cost drink mixes and even start introducing healthier alternatives to soda.

Finally, a good time to find other re-suable containers is during back-to-school sales in early September. Make sure they’re dishwasher safe and are durable enough to last through the year. And don’t forget to have your kids test them out to make sure they can open and close easily too!

So when it comes to your little scholar, try out these tips, and you’ll see that you don’t have to spend big to pack a smart lunch.


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